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Site 570-3 Dedication

The Bureau of Land Management(BLM) dedicated missile site 570-3 as a historic site on 17 November 2016 at 10AM.  It has been restyled as an ’interpretive walking pad’.  Google Maps Link to site.

Orville Doughty
Orv Doughty

We are sad to announce that Orville Doughty, one of the three Founders of the Titan Missile Museum, passed away this past Sunday, August 9th, 2015. The Titan Missile Museum and ...National Historic Landmark exists today in part because of Orv’s vision for creating the museum and his passion and dedication to making that vision a reality. When the idea of the museum was proposed to Charles Niblett, the former president of the Tucson Air Museum Foundation and predecessor of the Arizona Aerospace Foundation, he contacted Col. Hugh Matheson, USAF (Ret.), the former deputy commander for maintenance at the 390th SMW, and Lt.Col. Orville Doughty, USAF (Ret.), the former commander of the 390th Missile Maintenance Squadron. Legend has it that Charlie dragged Orv and Hugh off the golf course and convinced them to take on the project for the Foundation because he knew it couldn’t be done otherwise. Then together, these three men took on the tremendous task of convincing the Foundation Board, the Air Force, and the Tucson community that this project was both worthwhile and feasible. Once that was accomplished, among many other things, Orv and Hugh assembled the archive and the collection, including the missile in the launch duct, designed the guided tour, and trained the museum’s volunteers to give that tour. Twenty-nine years later, Orv’s influence can still be felt at the museum and his legacy will live on for many, many years to come. Orv’s work and passion has touched the lives of more than a million visitors from around the world and today we salute him one last time. Thanks Orv and Godspeed. (from the Titan II Museum Facebook Page)

Titan II Museum Room Naming Rights!!


 The Titan Missile Museum has offered the 390th SMW Memorial Association an opportunity to continue to have our 390th identity perpetuated by purchasing the Naming Rights to the old Briefing Room.  Normally this honor requires a donation of $25,000. The 390th SMWMA Board of Directors is in favor of the purchase as it will afford the 390th SMW recognition by all the visitors who use this room as part of their tour of the site. The Naming Rights is a separate endeavor and the Museum has offered it to us for a mere $10,000 as consideration of our past and continuing support. See the graph at left for current status of donations!

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Thanks to all who have donated to the room naming rights!

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